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Welcome to Haßberge County
                   City of Zeil am Main
                        privat guest house: Landhaus Rosenrot
                                  and the two guest appartments:
                                                   "Wild Rose"   and   "Wild wine"

  Come to experience 
                this surprisingly diverse landscape 
                                and Franconian culture, people and athmosphere

Appartment "wild wine"  * * * * *

Wellness and                                      Franconian Lifestyle    

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Size: 63m² for 2 guests
        doublebedroom, bathroom, kitchen and livingroom
        guestgarden  and  gardenhouse

Price:      for two              42,- Euro/Night                                

guest appartment: "Wild rose"  *****

Size: 73m² for 2 guests
       1 doublebedroom and 1 single bedroom,
       bathroom, kitchen and livingroom
       guestgarden  and  gardenhouse

Price:      for two              45,- Euro/Night
              for third person    8, Euro child, 18,- Euro grown up    single extra bed

Location:    Click: "Anfahrt"
                   highway A70 exit: Eltmann or Knetzgau

 Zeil am Main
A charming old city
near the famous "Romantic Road of half timber buildings"
down by the the hills of Haßberge 

old traditions
of wine and beer production

     Places to visit:

     Market place , known as "lounge" by the Zeilers
     Beautifull renovated Town Hall
         with pilory iron and "Zeil cubit"
         evidences of old customs
     Zeiler Käppele, high above the town stands that pilgrimage chapel
     Photo Museum
     Old brewery: Freyung Göller
     Tourist office                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
     Southern foothills with: vineyards
                                     Wine Trail Abt-Degen-Steig
     Tracks across fields
     Foot -paths trough silent valleys, forests and along the main river

     Golfcourt Steinbach, 18 holes
                                    one of the top of north Bavaria

Haßberge county
     Nature Parks
     Hiking and cycling routes
        Castles, Manor Houses and Castle ruins
        Old Franconian citys with half timber buildings
        Historical monuments
            Famous Churches:
            gothic "Knights"chappel Hassfurt
            Pilgrimage chapel Maria Limbach

Naturpark Hassberge   

marked trails 
as wide-ranging recreational area

Major Trails:

Castle Exploration
Castle and Manor House Trail
        occupied castles are private property

Celtic Ecperience Trail

River Main Valley Cycling Route  

Wine Yard Trail "Abt Degen"

protection of
wildlife and nature


Franconian wine
The silvaner vine was introduced in Franconia by Abbot Degen, a native from the wine town Zeil

                Franconian Cooking,
                           part of Franconian Lifestil

dear guests from Finland
enjoying Franconian specialities

with our family 

Franconian specialites:

Fränkische Bratwürste (fried sausages with sour cabbage)
Hausmacherwurst (home-made-style sausage)
Gans- oder Entenbraten mit Blaukraut (roast goose or duck with red cabbage)
Häckerbrotzeiten (kind of sandwiches)
Federweißer (new season`s wine)
great variety of beers and more

 Questions ? 

Maps, books and more

It will be our pleasure
to give more informations
to help you in anyway we can !

Phone:  +49-9524-850292 
Cell phone:  +49-
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